HomeSchool PE



                                              Age 5 to 18 years

Our HomeSchool P.E. classes are not gymnastics classes. They are actually physical education classes where your child will learn different types of movement. They will learn playground games, different sport games, every type of tag game imaginable, many different types of dodgeball, giant foursquare, various wall ball games and more group games than you knew existed. They will learn to stretch their muscles as well as make them strong. We strive to teach each HomeSchool child that movement can be a fun activity. Along with the physical activity your child will learn how to listen to and follow instructions, follow game rules, good sportsmanship, taking turns, waiting nicely, teamwork, getting along with others, to respect authority, to accept consequences for breaking rules and that hard work can be fun and rewarding. Our HomeSchool classes are 2 hours long to give mom / dad a break. We encourage you take some time to run errands, go shopping, have coffee with friends or just take a nap.


$53.00 / Month Individual

$90.00 / Month for Immediate Family

Annual Registration Fee

$30.00 / Year Individual

$55.00 / Year for Immediate Family

Dress Code:

We do not allow bare midriffs for any age group. Shorts or leggings with a tee shirt are acceptable as long as the tee remains tucked in. No buttons, snaps or zippers are allowed. All jewelry should be removed prior to the start of class. For safety reasons we require that all children with hair long enough to reach their eyes have their hair pulled back away from their face.


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