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School Age - Ages 5 to 18 years

Our school aged classes will teach your child the basic gymnastics skills through drill stations and progressions. They will learn the important balance between strength and flexibility to give them a strong foundation for them to build a healthy active lifestyle. We strive to teach every child in our program that hard work can be fun and rewarding. In addition to cartwheels and forward rolls your child can learn to listen, follow instructions, pay attention, and respect authority. We provide a safe environment for every child, free from bullying and negative comments. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and could result in removal from our program.

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School Age Class Schedules

DragonFlies & Gliders

Our DragonFlies and Gliders classes are our gymnastics classes for girls and are divided by age and skills attained. Beginning DragonFlies and Gliders will build a foundation on each of the 4 women’s events: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise for your daughter’s gymnastics future. As your daughter achieves the skills for each event she will advance through the intermediate and advanced DragonFlies and Gliders classes. Due to the developmental differences between primary school aged children and secondary school aged children, we divide our classes by age group.

DragonFlies Ages 5 to 7 years



Gliders Ages 8 to 18 years




Beginning, Intermediate $78.00 / Month

Advanced $105.00 / Month

Annual Registration Fee $35.00 / Year

Prices listed are for 1 class per week. A 40% discount is given for each additional class per week per student. 10% Family tuition discount is also given for parents with more than one child enrolled in.

There are no discounts or make up classes offered for missed classes. While most months will have 4 weeks we do not guarantee.

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