Class Schedule

Preschool - 18 months to 5 years

In our PreSchool program your child will learn real gymnastics skills taught through progressions and drills. Your child will learn so much more than cartwheels and forward rolls. Some examples of the benefit to structured gymnastics classes are learning: Sequencing, Memorization, Problem Solving, Following Directions, Waiting Nicely (Patience), Taking Turns, Correcting Mistakes, Respecting Authority, Persistence, Discipline, Courage, and Self Confidence.

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Preschool Class Schedule

BumbleBees Ages 18 months to 3 years

Our BumbleBees classes are parent participation classes. Every student is required to have a care giver actively involved in the learning process. This is the first step in learning all of the life lessons listed above. Our coaches will give the class instructions and the care givers get to help the students learn what it means to listen, follow directions, wait nicely, take turns and respect authority.

FireFlies Ages 3 to 5 years

Our FireFlies classes teach your child real gymnastics skills. There are many ways of learning movements such as watching and participating. We ask that parents sit back, relax and enjoy the process. Your child’s coach may have the gymnasts sit for a moment to hear all of the instructions before beginning an event to minimize confusion. This assists in the flow and safety of the class. In addition we require parents to allow the coach to be the one to give the class instructions and corrections. It is very confusing for children to hear several different voices at once telling them what to do. Your child will sometimes get lost on their way from one station to the next, it’s okay. Your child will certainly do some stations wrong, it’s still okay. Your child will make mistakes, this is especially okay. Making mistakes is an important part of learning. Mistakes are not failures, but part of the learning process. So, just smile and enjoy the cuteness of the little ones.




BumbleBees $50.00 / Month

FireFlies $67.00 / Month

Advanced FireFlies $78.00 / Month

Annual Preschool Registration Fee $25.00 / Year

Prices listed are for 1 class per week. A 40% discount is given for each additional class per week per student. 10% Family tuition discount is also given for parents with more than one child enrolled.

There are no discounts or make up classes offered for missed classes. While most months will have 4 weeks we do not guarantee.

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