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Coach Phil


Coach Phil is one of the owners/founders of FlightSchool Gymnastics.  He started working with kids as a nanny when he was in high school and assisted his father with coaching soccer, eventually taking over from his dad as head coach.  He fell in love with coaching gymnastics when he went to his local gym to help out, and he has not looked back since!  

Coach Phil is USAG safety certified, completed his U100 USA gymnastics course of instruction, certified as a National Level coach, held the USAG Oregon State Chair for 3 years, and was the Oregon USAG TOP’s manager for 8 years.  He has attended, coached, hosted, or sponsored numerous international and national level camps and workshops.  

The thing he loves most about coaching gymnastics is watching an athlete become confident with themselves and seeing them learn that hard work is important and leads to success!  He loves seeing kids achieve more than they ever dreamed, from being able to do a good handstand to winning a medal at Nationals.  Coach Phil teaches Home School PE, and is the head coach for Levels 5-10.

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Coach Lynette

Coach Lynette

Coach Lynette is one of the owners/founders of FlightSchool Gymnastics.  She and her husband, Coach Phil, dreamed of creating a gymnastics atmosphere where children could learn that hard work not only leads to success but can be fun.  Her son is a 2011 West Point graduate and gymnast, and she coached both her daughters who are now gymnastics coaches themselves.  

Coach Lynette is USAG Safety certified, and holds both her U100 and National Level Coach certificate.  She loves coaching gymnastics because she is able to see a child’s face light up when they accomplish a new skill.  She finds it most rewarding when children work hard and overcome their fears to achieve their goals.  For Coach Lynette, gymnastics teaches so much more than cartwheels, it helps kids grow into hard-working, successful adults.  Coach Lynette is the head coach for Levels 5-10.

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Coach Jubilee

Coach Jubilee

Coach Jubi competed as a gymnast for 14 years, 9 of those years with FlightSchool. During that time, she was the Oregon State All-Around Champion 8 times; Regional Qualifier 10 times; Level 9 Regional Floor, Beam, and Bar Champion; Level 9 and 10 Western National Qualifier 3 times; Winner of the 2008 National Judges’ Cup; and holds more than 35 individual event State Championships. Coach Jubi is U100 and USAG Safety certified, as well as a USAG Pro Member. The thing she loves most about coaching gymnastics is she has the chance to share everything she knows about the sport and watch her girls improve and mature as athletes and people. The opportunity to act as a role model for these budding athletes is an honor and allows her to see them overcome their fears and accomplish their goals.

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Coach Baylie

Coach Baylie

Coach Baylie was a member of the FlightSchool Gymnastics Team for many years.  She was afforded the opportunity to train as a coach with Coach Phil, and has taken early child development courses in school.  Coach Baylie loves when someone gets a new skill, especially when they have worked on it for a long time.  She is certain she is more excited about their accomplishment than they are.  Coach Baylie teaches Dragonflies and Gliders and she co-coaches Level 3 Team.

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Coach Hillory

Coach Hillory width=

Coach Hillory discovered her love of coaching when her daughter started attending preschool class at FlightSchool.  After watching her daughter grow as a gymnast over the next several years, Coach Hillory started teaching developmental classes and then coaching team level girls.  She has worked with children starting as a babysitter when she was a teenager to helping her own three children grow and develop.  

Coach Hillory is not only USAG safety certified, but she completed her U100 certification.  She loves working with the kids and seeing them grow and gain new skills in this sport and in life!  This is a physically and mentally challenging sport and she loves observing the kids’ work ethic pay off in the form of mastering new skills such as handstands, round-offs, back handsprings, and everything in between.  Coach Hillory teaches Fireflies and coaches Level 3 and 4 Team.

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Coach Lisa

Coach Lisa

Coach Lisa started as a competitive gymnast where she met Coach Phil and Coach Lynette.  While in college, she decided to take a part-time job at FlightSchool as a coach for developmental classes.  Eventually, she started coaching Level 3 Team girls, and loves it so much that she just cannot leave!  Her experience with coaching kids at FlightSchool inspired her to get her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and pursue a career as a substitute teacher, allowing her to continue being a stay-at-home mom for her son.  

Coach Lisa is U100 certified in addition to her formal education.  The thing she loves most about coaching gymnastics is the incredible bond she forms with her athletes.  They become a part of her life and she greatly appreciates working at a gym that makes coaching feel more like a family than a job.  Coach Lisa co-coaches Level 3 Team.

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Coach Caelin

Coach Atlanta

Coach Caelin is on our Optional Competition Team and has been doing gymnastics at FlightSchool since a young age.

Coach Caelin coaches our Level 2 Competition Team.

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Coach Trisha

Coach Trisha

Coach Trisha has been on our competition team in the past and has a love of tumbling. She has coached boys and girls classes in the past and now teaches our dagonFlies 1 & 2.

Coach Erin

Coach ErinCoach Erin has been a gymnast with FlightSchool since preschool and is currently an optional for our competitive team. She has been working with children since she was 12.

Coach Erin coaches our Gliders and Chickadees.

Coach Caitlin

Coach Caitlin

Coach Caitlin has been coaching preschool age classes at FlightSchool since 2017. She learned about the joys of teaching kids when she was an English kindergarten teacher in South Korea and has been working with kids ever since.

Coach Caitlin enjoys seeing the sense of accomplishment the kids get when they can do a new skill by themselves. She teaches BumbleBees, Crickets, and FireFlies classes and manages our online material.

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Coach Justin

Coach Justin

Coach Justin has been doing gymnastics since the age of 4. He went on to compete all around for West Point at the NCAA level. His favorite events were pommel horse, rings, and vault.
He assists our team coaches during train up day and motivates bigger, bolder skills with his enthusisam. He often works with Coach Hillory and the level fours, but will often assist with the level fives and optional girls.

He enjoys bringing a different mentality and perspective to the gym, having spent his whole life in men's gymnastics. He believes the girls can tumble and vault just as big and powerful as the boys, they just need to believe it themselves.

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Coach Sophie

Coach Sophie has been a gymnast with FlightSchool since 2012 and is currently an optional for our competitive team. She has been working with children since she was 12. As a coach, she loves seeing how excited kids get when they learn a new skill. Coach Sophie teaches a wide range of ages in our BumbleBees, Crickets, FireFlies, and DragonFlies classes.

Coach Johanna

Coach Johanna is currently an optional on our competition team. She has been a gymnast with FlightSchool since a young age. Coach Johanna works with all developmental skill levels coaching our DragonFlies 1, Gliders 1 & 2, and Chickadees.

Coach Kelli

Coach Kelli became involved with FlightSchool when her daughter showed an interest in gymnastics in 2013. Coach Kelli has worked with kids at summer camps, as a nanny, and is a mother of 2 herself. She has been coaching our preschool age BumbleBees and Crickets classes since 2018.


Coach Heidi

Coach Heidi has worked with children for a number of years and is going to school to study ASL. She has recently learned the joys of gymnastics and enjoys coaching our DragonFlies 1.


Coach Tonya
Tonya works in our office managing class signups, payments, and answering questions. Her daughter was previously on our competitive team. Tonya has extensive experience with our booster club and has helped coordinate meets in the past. She has worked in her church’s nursery and helps conduct homeschool clubs. She loves meeting the gymnastics families.




Kathy is our office manager who has supported our mission at FlightSchool since the very beginning. She manages enrollment, customer accounts and payments. She loves children and is a mother and grandmother herself.

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